Felted Hamster!

I finished my needle-felted hamster! I’ll probably work through some small details but it’s basically finished:

I’ve had a lot of hamsters over the years, since I’m allergic to cats and my mom is allergic to dogs. So, I know my hamsters. I’m frequently disappointed that there aren’t many cute stuffed animal hamsters out there, so I figured I’d make one myself. Luckily the “no pets” policy at my dorm doesn’t extend to felted ones!

3 thoughts on “Felted Hamster!

  1. So cute! I do a little felting (I have no tools, as I’m boycotting hobby lobby, joann fabrics doesn’t have much for felting stuff and AC more is to expensive) so I mainly use toothpics and such with grade 2 alpaca wool from a friend that I’ve washed and carded so I’ve been looking around to see about felted things and I saw this- perfect! My mom won’t let me get a hampster, and I explained that at 32 rabbits, (four of which either give kisses, sit pretty or do obsticles and attack at my command) twenty something chickens, a pig dogs cats and all that that a hampster wouldn’t make a difference she switched her argument to the fact that my room looks like someone dumped a tsunami on my floor. And since I like to procrastinate when it comes to cleaning, I am going to fight fire with a small, fluffy, felted ball of adorable fire.

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