Sketching in Watercolor

I’ve started to really warm up to watercolor lately. It still gives me some anxiety- I worry too much about not being able to “go back” like I can with acrylic-, but I’m getting better. I’ve found that when I decide to sketch with watercolor I can be much more relaxed, and therefore more free and spontaneous. Since I’m not worrying about ruining a finished piece, I feel like I start to use the medium more effectively. I really treasure this sketch that I did in the “secret garden” on my college campus. I like it more than the finished painting even!

Even though the door/windows are crooked, and the shadows are inaccurate, I feel like I really captured the feel of the place, which was very relaxing- It was a nice, calming space (on a nice, cool day!) I look forward to letting loose more in the future by sketching in watercolor, gaining more confidence in the process.

One thought on “Sketching in Watercolor

  1. (I bet you were excited you had a comment and then disappointed that it was just me xD) Your finished piece was really nice too! I’m still not fond of watercolor yet D: I should try sketching.

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