A Strange Love: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Blog

StrangeloveBlog (2) (500x289)

Confession time: I started this blog a year ago today as a class assignment. I took a Marketing for Artists class in my sophomore year of college and starting a blog was a requirement. I must admit, I wasn’t too excited. I had sort of a sour attitude towards “bloggers.” If I saw someone in say, a magazine who said that their job was “blogger,” I kind of wanted to punch them in the face. “Blogger” just always seemed like one of those non-jobs, like “social media analyst,” or something. Now, however, I can see the appeal.

I love the freedom that blogging provides. You can write on any topic of your choosing, in any voice you’re comfortable with. The writing can be formal and portfolio-worthy, or silly and lighthearted (or a combination of both!) I can post snazzy pictures, videos, and gifs, to go along with my writing. Seeing actual strangers respond to what I write never gets old either. In the beginning, I honestly didn’t expect that anyone, let alone as many who have, would end up following this blog. I’m so happy that my expectations were exceeded.

So, thank you to all who have read, liked, and commented on what I’ve posted so far. This blog started on humble beginnings, but I think it stands on sturdier legs now. I hope that you all will continue to read and find my posts at least mildly interesting, and that you’ll look forward to the posts to come!

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