Liquitex Glass Beads Medium

Glass Beads Medium banner

Recently I wanted to try out a new gel medium to experiment with, and decided on Liquitex Glass Beads Texture Gel.

Liquitex Glass Beads composite

Unfortunately, one of the first things I noticed upon using it is that it’s a bit difficult to control. I had a hard time trying to spread it evenly with a brush, as the beads started to collect in clumps, and using a palette knife means that the gel will collect in the space between the beads, losing some of the texture. However, I’ve found that spraying it with some water after using a palette knife is the best way to go (also, you have to remember that the gel will shrink when it dries.) The end result was a pretty cool texture:

009 (500x366)

I’m sure if you wanted you could save some money by just buying some gel medium and mixing in some glass beads (or really, anything you wanted), but this medium isn’t really expensive anyways. I think this is sort of a “love-it or hate-it” kind of product, as it’s not really versatile. So, if this particular texture doesn’t intrigue you, there’s really nothing else you can do with the product. I for one can’t wait for this texture to make an appearance in some future paintings!

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