My First Solo Show!

Necessary Objects Postcard - Copy

This is a belated post, since the event in question happened back in March… but, this semester I passed a milestone in my career- I had my first solo exhibition! I had to apply for it and everything! It was certainly one of the more challenging things I’ve ever done. Certainly just making a body of work that was both large, cohesive, and of enough quality was a challenge, but so was doing the multitude of smaller tasks associated with the show. Choosing a font for wall vinyls and ordering them, printing postcards, sending invites and trying to get press, and installing the show all took a toll and tested my patience at times. But the show went up and I celebrated. I definitely hope that this is truly just the beginning of many more in the future.

NecObj_1 - Copy


The show took place at ASU’s swanky new Step Gallery, located in Downtown Phoenix!




If you want to take a closer look at the pieces in my show, as well as the artist  statement for the work, be sure to check out my new (independent domain!) website: !


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