A Very, Very Overdue Post About my Art Show!

Back in September, I was in a lovely little group show with two of my friends from my BFA program, Kenosha Drucker, a painter and mixed media artist, and Josh Loeser, a photographer.


We proposed a show to Modified Arts in Phoenix, and got it! It was awesome to have a show together, and I was able to present a significant body of work- 11 paintings in total from my “Mask” series:


the big 30x40s all in a row!

Although I’ve been showing pretty consistently in group shows for the last few years, this was the largest amount of space that I’ve had to cover since my solo show at the end of my BFA. It felt great to show my newest series and see how people reacted to it. I was pleased to get a lot of positive responses, especially from young women who could relate to what I was doing.


Here’s to the next show!

Equal Parts

Equal Parts_Panorama


I’m always so late to updating my blog about these things, but last month I had some work up in a lovely group show focusing on gender-related art called  Equal Parts at Frontal Lobe Gallery in Phoenix. It was a wonderful experience. Not only did I get to have my work up in a really well-curated show alongside some very talented artists, I also even got some of my first real “press” reviews of my work. Thankfully, it was positive!

Equal Parts (1)

I had two “Fixation” pieces up: Fixation: Lip and Fixation: Eye, which were also used as the advertisements/press images for the show:

equal parts ad

I also had my Lipstick triptych on display, since the only other time they were shown was at my solo BFA show, so they needed some more lovin’:

equal parts lipsticks

I think I may have taken it a bit for granted how much easier it was to find open calls for art when I was in an art program; It can be pretty difficult to find those opportunities outside of that supportive environment. Obviously, I’ve learned that it’s worth putting in the effort. I often have to remind myself that just making the work itself is only part of the equation in being an artist— you have to actually show your work as well! The experience of showing your work, although always nerve-wracking, can often be incredibly affirming, and I’m happy to say that my experience being in Equal Parts was that and more.

Undergraduate Juried Exhibition

This is oldish news, but back in December (and through to January) I had a piece in ASU’s Herberger School of Art’s Annual Undergraduate Juried Exhibition!

IMG_20121217_151820 (375x500)

The inside of ASU’s Harry Wood Gallery.

Here’s a closer view of my piece titled, bluntly, Lipstick:

IMG_20121217_151838(1) (489x489)

Megan Koth, Lipstick, Oil on Canvas, 2012. Better pic in my portfolio.

This was my first time really submitting to a serious group gallery exhibition. As artists, sometimes we take for granted the positive reinforcement that can come from other people’s approval of our work. We tend to get so absorbed in our own (often hyper-critical) head space that we forget that there are people out there who really like what you do. Unsurprisingly, it feels really good to have a successful, knowledgeable person in your field deem your work worthy of some special recognition. And there’s nothing wrong with that!

Shameless Self-Plug

Hokay, I try to keep this blog funny, interesting and (hopefully) informative without too much annoying self promotion. However! I feel that I must momentarily break this streak to bring some good news about me and my career. I have signed with a gallery! I’m so excited to begin this partnership (and basically really start my career) with Art One Gallery. For those who live in Arizona, specifically the Scottsdale area, stop by! For those who can’t, the website works just fine for seeing the work I have available. Everything is VERY reasonably priced, as Art One mostly represents students/artists just starting out, which means the prices are very modest. Art One also really gives back to the community (helping students and kids interested in art, etc) so even if you’re not interested in my work, check out the work of the other artists there!

For those of you who liked the works I did for the Wayne Thiebaud post, they’re all available (and a few more!) from Art One here. Below are just a few.

Pink Cake
16 X 16
Acrylic On Canvas

Fruit Tart
8 X 8 X 2
Acrylic On Canvas

10 X 8
Acrylic On Canvas

This ends the shameless self plug- I try to keep them at a minimum, but I thought I’d share this good news with those who are interested! It feels good to have a start to my career and get my work “out there.” And it’s nice to have something other than this silly little blog to direct people who are interested in my work to!