Steps to a Painting: Ocarina of Time


One of the first gaming systems I ever played as a kid was an N64. My sister and I would battle each other at Super Smash Bros, or take turns playing Super Mario 64, but the first game I can remember being completely engrossed by is Ocarina of Time.

The music! The adventure! The battle against good and evil! I loved it. It was the first real adventure game I ever played, with a huge, highly complex and detailed world for me to explore. I talked to every villager, explored every corner, and did every side mission. And of course, I learned every song.

Link playing ocarina

I went on to play many Zelda games that followed, but I’ll always have a special brand of nostalgic love for Ocarina of Time. Because of this, I’ve built up a small collection of antique ocarinas. My prized one is, of course, a blue one with gold accents that most closely resembles what a real-life Ocarina of Time may look like. I decided to do a fun, quick little painting of it, and here are my results:

Ocarina_MeganKoth (1000x783)

Ocarina by Megan Koth, Acrylic on Canvas, 13×11″ . Prints, tees, and more of this HERE!

I’m currently decompressing after graduating with my BFA, so I just needed to paint something fluffy and fun. Having the ability to create cool stuff to decorate your walls can be pretty awesome, I realize!

*Prints and more available on my new Redbubble store!