My Foray Into Redbubble

Recently I joined print-on-demand website Redbubble, (and I was even featured on the homepage!) I’ve been pleased with my experience thus far.

Basically, the gist of RedBubble is that you join (for free) and can upload your artwork to be sold and printed on a variety of products (prints, totes, tees, whatever you want to offer.) Then, when someone orders one of your designs, it is then printed and shipped to the customer. Overall, the website seems to make most of its sales through tee shirts. You seem to get what you put in. If you really want to make money there, you have to market it yourself (which I’m too lazy to do, really. Er, I guess that’s what I’m doing right here…) I think it’s a good tool to have if you ever want to order any prints of your own work, or to have somewhere to send people who are interested in your work, but who can’t afford originals. For instance, the family member who’s always asking you to “paint something” for them.

I think they felt sorry for me not having sold anything, because recently a representative of theirs was nice enough to randomly send me a voucher for $50 so I could buy some designs for myself (which was super awesome of them to do.) It took me a while to decide, but I eventually settled on getting a phone case (because I needed one, and wanted to see how the printing came out) and a tee (because they offer a baseball tee- my favorite kind! Never enough love for the baseball tee.)

This is the design I got on the cell phone:

Posies Phone composite_MeganKoth

I was really impressed with the printing quality- I was a bit worried about how a watercolor painting would show up, but it came out crisp.

I also ordered a version of my ocarina painting on a baseball tee:

Ocarina Tee and pic_Megan Koth

I was really pleased with the printing quality on the tee as well!

The only downside I suppose is that the products are a bit pricey- no $10 tee bargains here. my baseball tee runs at $28.64, and that’s before shipping. But you are getting a quality product, not to mention, something really unique and quite literally made for you and at your request (“printed on demand.”)

Overall, I don’t expect to get rich through this, but it’s a fun thing I think for artists to invest some time into, if just to get your stuff on some nice products, and to have a place to refer friends who want something of yours but aren’t ready to take the plunge on an original work just yet.

You can visit my RedBubble store here!


Steps to a Painting: Ocarina of Time


One of the first gaming systems I ever played as a kid was an N64. My sister and I would battle each other at Super Smash Bros, or take turns playing Super Mario 64, but the first game I can remember being completely engrossed by is Ocarina of Time.

The music! The adventure! The battle against good and evil! I loved it. It was the first real adventure game I ever played, with a huge, highly complex and detailed world for me to explore. I talked to every villager, explored every corner, and did every side mission. And of course, I learned every song.

Link playing ocarina

I went on to play many Zelda games that followed, but I’ll always have a special brand of nostalgic love for Ocarina of Time. Because of this, I’ve built up a small collection of antique ocarinas. My prized one is, of course, a blue one with gold accents that most closely resembles what a real-life Ocarina of Time may look like. I decided to do a fun, quick little painting of it, and here are my results:

Ocarina_MeganKoth (1000x783)

Ocarina by Megan Koth, Acrylic on Canvas, 13×11″ . Prints, tees, and more of this HERE!

I’m currently decompressing after graduating with my BFA, so I just needed to paint something fluffy and fun. Having the ability to create cool stuff to decorate your walls can be pretty awesome, I realize!

*Prints and more available on my new Redbubble store!