Fun with Collage!

Sorry for the sporadic posting, but the semester recently started (I’m now an upperclassman!) and I started a new job (not a cool one, a normal one.) I’m taking a studio class called Art on Paper, which is basically an experimental mixed media class (on paper, of course.) Anyways, I thought I’d quickly share two collages that I made in experimenting with the technique.

Collage, I find, is a really interesting way to do quick sketches or studies. You can easily communicate strong color and shape. And plus it’s just fun. I continued my lipsticks and bullets motif here.

And then I made this because I’m super mature:

Hint: it looks like a vagina

I’m starting to take this motif in a bit of a more… Freudian direction, as you can see. I think that I had Hannah Hoch in mind when making these- she really explored femininity and sexuality well using collage, or papier colle if you want to be fancy.

Hannah Hoch- Grotesque

I think that Hannah Hoch’s work was paradigm shifting for me because I had previously only seen collage as something that old ladies use to make scrapbooks. Lo and behold, it can be used to communicate subversive views of gender and femininity!

Anyways, collage is fun. Go get some paper and go to town!