A Very, Very Overdue Post About my Art Show!

Back in September, I was in a lovely little group show with two of my friends from my BFA program, Kenosha Drucker, a painter and mixed media artist, and Josh Loeser, a photographer.


We proposed a show to Modified Arts in Phoenix, and got it! It was awesome to have a show together, and I was able to present a significant body of work- 11 paintings in total from my “Mask” series:


the big 30x40s all in a row!

Although I’ve been showing pretty consistently in group shows for the last few years, this was the largest amount of space that I’ve had to cover since my solo show at the end of my BFA. It felt great to show my newest series and see how people reacted to it. I was pleased to get a lot of positive responses, especially from young women who could relate to what I was doing.


Here’s to the next show!


Complete Paintings!

Tonight at first Friday in Phoenix, I scattered some puzzle-pieces around for all the lovely first-fridayers to find (I also plan to leave the few I have left around Herberger in a few days.) These weren’t just any puzzle pieces, they were pieces of two paintings that I made (and don’t worry- I would never cut up anything that I spent a huge amount of time on). Of course, on the back of each piece was my blog address. Here’s the reveal of the complete, not-cut-up paintings for those who found a piece!

Can you see which piece you found? Leave a comment saying where you found it! For the lucky ones that did find a piece, feel free to hold on to it- or leave it somewhere special for someone else to happen upon!