Personalize Your Moleskine!

Moleskine notebooks are the quintessential chic and artsy notebook. At least, that’s what the marketing goons have convinced me over the years. But I did manage to get my hands on some, and I have to admit, I like them. The pages are a nice, smooth texture, and resist bleeding really well (so messy pen sketches are achievable!) And I have to admit, it does make me feel more polished writing in one as opposed to some spiral-bound monstrosity. Oh, how positively gauche.

However, the plain black cover, although nice, could sometimes use some jazzing up. Being an artist always well-supplied in acrylic paint, there was no question as to how to resolve this little issue:

Moleskine Bullets_Megan Koth

I also painted a special one for my recent solo show’s guestbook.

Painted Guestbook_MeganKoth


I like to think that adding this personal touch to a plain notebook made those who were kind enough to write messages feel that they were writing in something just a little more special. Sometimes I forget that my painting skills can expand beyond the typical canvas or board. But that’s what all artists do: we have the ability to use our own unique vision to add that extra touch of beauty to our lives, whether that be through our work, homes, or a humble little notebook.